What is PUSH-Consulting doing?

  •  PUSH supports politics in solving questions and developing programs of housing.
  •  PUSH advises housing developers concerning social sustainability, and develops sustainability profiles based on socio-spatial analyses.
  •  PUSH supports the continuity of social housing policies on a European level strengthening the responsibility of cities, and represents the City of Vienna in such matters.
  •  PUSH works on developing VICTOR (Vienna Certificate for Socially Sustainable Transformation, Building or Reconstruction), the world´s first system of certification for socially sustainable construction and refurbishment, in analogy to systems like LEED or BREEAM in ecological matters.
  •  PUSH counsels the administration of IBA_Wien “New social housing”
  •  PUSH conducts the exibition “The Vienna Model” and is organizing in this context international workshops.
  •  PUSH offers individual tours in urban planning, architecture and housing in Vienna to visiting experts.
  •  PUSH offers these services in the following languages: German, English, French, Italian.